New Year’s Resolutions for your brand in 2018

Welcome to 2018! As we are reaching end-January, have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions for your brand? Like all Digital Marketers, you would probably be thinking about what goals to achieve, the types of campaign to be executed out and any new strategies to optimize results?

If you have yet to decide, here are a list of goals for your consideration to bring your level up to the next level.

More Engagement

It is estimated that if 80% of your customers miss your brand, you are likely to be interacting with your audience well with strong loyalty and trust. Good engagement leads to increase lead generation and sales, and eventually meeting your KPIs. So now the question is, how do we increase engagement?

To gauge how engaging your brand is with your audience regardless of the platforms used, always ask yourself these questions.

1. Is your content visual-oriented?
When it comes to remembering huge amount of information, we tend to remember more when it is displayed visually rather than verbally. It allows us to have a better grip and understanding of the message that is trying to come across us. Visual content can come in form of graphic, videos or infographics.

2. Is your content making sense?
Content must be related to the business you are running and the industry itself. It will be weird to audience if you are posting content about shopping tips but running social media for a welfare organisation. Even though there are plenty of content that are enticing, you still need to stick to your origin of your business.

Video Campaign

The future is focusing on video marketing techniques now. Studies have shown that consumers are at least 64% more likely to buy from a brand that have video representation. Better impression is said to be inflicted on consumers’ minds with video marketing, allow a space for establishing a strong emotional connection and trust with the brand. Furthermore, the world is spending most of their time on YouTube. This is definitely food for thought for all digital marketers.

Making decisions based on data, not preferences

Always make decision after analysing your data as it is proven and shown what your audiences either like or dislike. Wouldn’t it be weird if your audience are mainly on social media platforms and you insisted on using OOH advertising just because it creates a higher and broader reach? Data are analysed for a reason, try to make smarter marketing decisions with the data.

Mobile friendly website

Everyone is now always looking down on their mobile everywhere they go. It is especially critical for your website to be mobile friendly-oriented. Audience will spend no more than 7 seconds on your website if it takes a long time to load or causes confusion to them. It is important to make sure your website is optimised for all users, regardless of the type of devices they are using. This will lead to several advantages such as better brand engagement, increase lead generations and conversions.

And now with all the information you have read earlier, we hope you have some resolutions in mind. All the best in making 2018 your best digital marketing ever. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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