Your guide to driving journey in SG

Hello everyone!

Those who know me will know that I have just gotten my driving license! As a few friends came up to me for advices, I thought that I could share my own knowledge here with everyone. Read on below if you want to find out more! 😊😊

Auto or manual?

This would probably be the first question that pop in everyone’s mind.

My first answer in mind was auto ah, since there’re more auto cars in SG, and my dad own an auto car too, so quite obvious right. And so I happily went to book for auto license, but I didn’t expect my mom’s reaction would be “Huh why auto. You can learn so much more with manual!” You can drive both auto or manual car with Class 3 (Manual) driving license. But with a Class 3A (Auto) driving license, you can’t ride a manual car. To me auto maybe easier to pass, but some people feel that if you want to do a road trip, a class 3 driving license will be more recognised overseas. So I guess it depends on you, on what are your factors.

Now the next question is, school or private?

My advice is, if you are a lazy person like me, to find out what are the steps required to obtain a license, then just go for school. Because they will really guide you what to do, step by step. 

If you decided to go for a driving school, there are some requirements from them which can be avoided if you take a private instructor instead. As a school student, you need to go for internal evaluation and basic theory test trial before your basic theory test (BTT), final theory test trial before your final theory test (FTT) and lastly, LCDS test before your practical driving test. Even though all these required additional costs and efforts, I find that it helped me to be better prepared for the respective tests.

There are 3 driving schools in SG; namely:

  1. Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDCL) at Woodlands
  2. Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) at Bukit Batok (duh)
  3. ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC) at Ubi

For me I took CDC, Kovan branch instead. But is there a difference between CDC at Ubi and at Kovan? For students registered with the Kovan branch, you will report at Kovan’s open carpark, drive to Ubi (either to circuit routes or test routes around there) and then drive back to Kovan. So what I did was to take 2 lessons back-to-back, in order to save time travelling to and fro twice. However, you’ll still need to report to CDC Ubi for your tests.

How many tests in total?

3 tests in total, and just take note of the following will do (according to myself as a CDC student).

  1. You need to pass your BTT before you can book your 1st driving lesson.
  2. You need to pass your FTT and complete your 2nd module evaluation before you can book your practical driving test.

For CDC students, the lessons releasing dates & times are:

UBI Branch
Description Date and Time
Class 3 15th of every month, 10pm
Class 3A 18th of every month, 10pm
Kovan Branch
Description Date and Time
Class 3 22nd of every month, 10.30pm
Class 3A 28th of every month, 10.30pm

So if you are registering with CDC, do book and pass your BTT before those dates so that you can book your lessons on time, and avoid having to wait for the next month as slots are limited.

Next, how much is the whole course?

I spent about $2.8k, with 28 lessons in total and passed all my tests in my 1st attempt. This also varies for individuals, depending on how ready and comfortable they are for their practical test.


A lot of people told me even though one may have a license, he/she may not want to drive. And I think I can understand why. It is a completely different experience in the road, and it takes confidence and comfort to do so. Even though you maybe a safe driver, there’re A LOT of reckless drivers around to keep a lookout for. To me, driving is definitely a good life skill to have, but remember to drive safe and consistently, not complacently.

Do feel free to ask me any questions and I see if I can help! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Your guide to driving journey in SG

  1. Amirah

    Thank you so much for the useful guide. 😊
    I just want to know how is the internal evaluation like? Is it just a trial test in classroom?


      1. Amirah

        No worries. Ive registered for school at CDC Ubi and passed all the theory test at first attempt. Am now at my 5th lesson and module 2! 😊


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