My virgin experience with Skydive Great Ocean Road

During my last trip at Perth, I regretted not going for skydiving. Or rather, the skydive operator was not operating on the day I chose to visit Rottnest Island. So when my friend and I booked the flight tickets to Melbourne with Jetstar (for JUST SGD234 only 😱), I had to skydive this time. After all, it is in my bucket list, and I have no idea when I will be heading to Down Under again, so why not right!

To be honest, I hesitated quite a fair bit before making this decision. I’m a fast decision maker for myself if I have the ‘feel’ or knew it was something I wanted. My concern was my hearing issue if it will cause me permanent deafness, but I went for it anyway.

BUT, no regrets ever in skydiving *grinning*!

On the day of the jump, we were picked up at Urban Central Hostel and took a 1.5 hours bus journey to Skydive Great Ocean Road. Everything was surreal and I prayed silently for the good weather and to jump successfully.

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And we finally reached!

We proceeded to complete our registration and signed the indemnity form. Those who were of bigger body build were asked to measure their weight, as additional charges are incurred with weight over 90kg. Overheard a guy who was about 92kg, and he was told to head to the toilet and before weighing again LOL. I was worried when I gave them my doctor’s approval form but were instead rest assured that I can jump *phewww*.

My instructor, Jarrod was attentive and took great care of me. He repeated the safety rules a few times to ensure that I understood well. Shortly soon, it was time for video recording and off we headed for the adventure. The strong wind and the loud whooshing sound of the propeller made me realised that I am finally skydiving that instance.

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As we were ascending, the view was beautiful and breathtaking. Having thought of endless possibilities previously how I would have felt on the ride up, I felt calmness instead of being tense. I knew I can count on my instructor. I was the third person to jump and was surprised by how fast the jumpers were out of my sight. Imagine Harry Potter entering the Ministry of Magic via a classic red telephone box on the corner ofΒ Great Scotland Yard or the underground toilet in Whitehall. It was that fast.Β 


And then, the jump. Everything happened so fast within that 45 seconds of free-falling. All I remembered was the coldness, the white and blue skyline, the high hissing sound of the wind and the difficulty to breathe. I panicked awhile as I was trying to breathe with my mouth, and it was painful for my nose. Those who said that skydive was simply amazing and nothing else, was certainly lying as they missed out this part πŸ˜‚.

1970-01-01 07.30.00 1.jpg

After the free-fall, I silently congratulated myself for ticking this off my bucket list. The view was breathtaking – it was a view I couldn’t see elsewhere. We flew past the white fluffy clouds and the land enlarged as we descended. As I tried to recover my temporary hearing loss, I thought to myself that the world is so big and full of opportunities, and I am just one insignificant creature on this earth. Everything became possible at that moment, if we fight and work hard for it. After landing, we concluded the tandem jump with a closing video session.

Is skydiving amazing? Absolutely.

Is skydiving fun? Absolutely yes it is, but not the jumper. I had a hard time laughing silently that very night on my bunker bed as I tried not to disturb my hostel mates. It was hilarious, at how my face was so disoriented. I envied those whom videos turned out so beautifully during their jump. Nevertheless, the best part of the jump was still the free-fall, and I’ll absolutely skydive again in the future. Skydiving is not scary at all, except it can be painful. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, so take the chance and sign up for it! 😊

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Oh, and if you happen to encounter a similar situation as me, unsure of how to break the news to your mom after your jump and not knowing her reaction, I have a trick. Simply send her the funniest photo of yourself and give her a good laugh before she realises that person in the photo is actually you. That worked for me!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is what I sent her and why I laughed badly. Yes laugh for all you want, for you will have the same photos when you jump! πŸ˜‚

Till then, see you!

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