My journey to the world of Digital Marketing

Those around me will know that my path as a Digital Marketer hasn’t been an easy road. I was first introduced to the world of Digital Marketing upon an EDM by SADeaf – a 6-months digital marketing course for PWDs, hosted by Make The Change. I always wanted to step into the Marketing industry, but to no avail. Went for 13 marketing-related job interviews in a month after my final exams, but never succeed anyway.

That 6 months were not easy, to be honest. Too much stuff to learn and was often baffled between various terms like SEO, SEM and key metrics. With the guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced lecturers, we touched on various modules like content creation, copywriting and social media marketing (SMM) etc. Was really amazed after realising we can actually schedule posts on Facebook. LOL what? It was also the first I heard about Canva, the best graphic design tool website for designer newbies like you and I, and have been a good friend of mine ever since.

So.. what’s next?

After completion of the course, I began looking for a full-time digital marketing position but I knew it won’t be that easy, especially I have no prior experience. An opportunity came as I worked as a freelancer, and learnt more on WordPress and email marketing using MailChimp platform. Realising that I won’t be able to find a full-time position anytime soon, I then applied for internships and left my all-time favourite company.

Starting out from the bottom, with a pay drop of approximately $1.5k, I joined an agency as an intern. A month later, my digital marketing lecturer from MTC kept a lookout for me and referred me to Klosh, and that was how I finally became a full-time digital marketing and e-commerce executive. Yay! By then I have also attended a photoshop and an SEO short course, utilising my skills future credits and WTS funding.

During my 1 year plus of journey with Klosh, I self-learnt and tried hands-on Facebook Business Manager, a closed source e-commerce system – Shopify, and managing marketplaces like Redmart and Lazada etc. It was a great stepping stone for me into this industry. Together with my team, we handled everything internally, from content ideation to creation, to photoshoot, to building our database and sending out EDMs regularly, to revamping our e-commerce site and Instagram feed. Thanks to this role, I was able to self learnt and picked up new thing along the way.

Late last year in 2018, I signed up for Google Square Online course. Developed with Google, it was exciting to see where this 6-months digital marketing leadership course will lead me to. Even though it is an online course, there are group projects for each module and thankfully I were assigned to a great team. In Squared Online, we evaluate the ever-changing digital landscape, how we can stay engaged with our customers throughout the entire lifetime journey with customer-centric approaches etc. Managed to learn and touched on Google analytics too (like finally!) Just completed this course, and I would need to revise the lessons again as I did not maximise my learning to 100% yet. To be honest, it is kinda tough for me and therefore would only encourage you to join this course if you have some marketing knowledge. 

1 year later, I decided to move on again, and am glad to be part of Lam Soon’s digital journey currently. From my freelance job until now, it has been 1.5 years. Looking back, I’m glad I had been stubborn and insistent on stepping into this industry and have come so far. And of course, a long road down to go. If you are in this line too, feel free to reach out to me and let’s connect. Fighting! 🙂

In conclusion, a few lessons gained –

  1. Never stop learning, for changes are constant in digital marketing. Be it Google’s search algorithms updates for SEO, how e-commerce landscape is changing to better serve their customers online, how social and search engines work, and to the recent changes in MailChimp.
  2. Digital marketing is not easy, but not impossible to learn too. THERE ARE many free articles, guides, online courses to get you started in digital marketing. Google is your best friend, so just keep on searching for your answers online. You may also refer to free online informative platforms like Facebook blueprint, Google Analytics Academy, Google Digital Garage, Google Academy for Ads. They are absolutely free-of-charge and are created by Google or Facebook themselves directly. 
  3. Stay updated with the marketing industry in Singapore. I’ll try to make a point to read marketing news in SG, and been a huge fan of Marketing Interactive‘s magazines.
  4. Been recommending this around – if you are new and interested in this area, try to set your own domain with Not only you get to learn one of the most popular CMS, but you also get to come up with your own content and practice on your copywriting (my copywriting sucks btw haha).
  5. I like to source for ppt inspirations at Canva, and designed the exact same layout onto PowerPoint itself, and there go an impressive presentation slides!
  6. Seamless Asia 2019 is arriving soon! I have gained a lot of learnings from Seamless Asia 2018 (you can read from here), and can’t wait to attend this exhibition shortly!

2 thoughts on “My journey to the world of Digital Marketing

  1. Chloe

    You’re an inspiration. I’ve always wanted to step into the marketing industry too! I hold an IT dip with mediocre results, having working in IT industry for like 5y, I feel like it’s too late and difficult to move into a different industry. Wish you well and all the best!!! I believe with your positive mindset you can work towards and be successful in anything anywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Chloe, thanks so much for the encouragement despite only seeing it now. I’m doing something different from Digital Marketing now, which convinced me even more that DM is what I’m truly passionate about 🙂

      As from your side, it’s never too late to start! Can always start with the free courses I shared in this article, and with your IT experience combined, I believe it will be a very valuable skill! 🙂


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